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Welcome to letter “L” week!  This week the children and I made the letter L into a lion for our letter craft. Our inspiration came from The Vintage Umbrella. We read our letter L books and talked about the sound that letter L makes.

Letter L is one of those letters that has the letter sound within the name.  So when the children were saying “L” , I encouraged them to keep their tongues touching the top of their mouths to draw out the sound of “L”.  We stopped at parts during the stories and said each word within the story that began with the letter L. The children joined in and had lots of practice making the L sound.


The children traced their letter L printing sheets and I pointed out how lowercase L can often be confused with number one. Just bringing the children’s awareness of the difference between numbers and letters will help them at this age.

My daycare children found different ways to make the shape of letter L with their bodies. We started with our fingers.


And then moved onto our legs.


And finally we tried making an L with our whole bodies.


My group loves to move around as we learn about letters.  We had covered all kinds of different words that began with the letter L the day before when we read our letter L books, so I asked the children if they could find any toys in the playroom that began with the letter L.

They found a ladder, Lego and a lamb. Then I asked them if they could make the letter L out of any materials they could find in the playroom.  Here is what they came up with;




They used some books because there were easy to move into formation. However, one of my daycare children is bilingual and a book in French is “Un livre!”


I made up a little vehicle game that would help the children review the letters we had covered so far.  I also wanted to include some letter L words and make the game FUN.  Every child in my group enjoys racing cars so this was the basis for my letter game. I raided my son’s car collection and found a vehicle that began with each letter of the alphabet from A-L.  Well, almost.  I couldn’t find anything for letter I and Letter K so I had to skip them.

I put ten wooden letters in a basket and the ten vehicles in a different basket. I grabbed some masking tape, a cookie sheet and a cereal box from the recycle bin. The children get curious when I bring items in baskets to circle time and this element of mystery really fuels their enthusiasm for the activity.  At first we talked about the word ‘lane’ for cars on the highway and about the popular Disney racing car, “Lightning McQueen.”  I told the children that we were going to race some cars today against Lightning McQueen and see if any could go faster than him.

We made a race track out of the cookie sheet, cardboard and masking tape.



Then we made tiny parking spots with lane dividers for ten vehicles.  We started with the letter A.  I held up the letter and the children called out the letter name. Then they made the sound of letter A and looked through the vehicle basket for a vehicle that started with the letter A sound. Once they found an ambulance they put the wooden letter A and the Ambulance in the first parking spot.


Next the children worked together as a group to remember what letter came next in the alphabet and to figure out the letter name, sound and vehicle match. When they reached letter I and letter K, I told them I couldn’t find a vehicle for those two letters.  They took this in stride and told me not to worry about it, I had tried my best!  Children can be so sweet when they sound grown-up, 🙂

The kids finished the review activity with A for ambulance, B for bus, C for car, D for digger, E for emergency vehicle, F for fire truck, G for garbage truck, H for helicopter, J for jeep and L for Lightning McQueen.

Now we were ready for the lane racing!  Two children at a time raced each car. The kids decided they wanted to race them in the order of the alphabet.


There was lots of cheering and clapping and the children had fun with the activity.  You could extend this activity and make a tally chart of the winners of each heat and then have a race-off to discover the all time champion.  You could also time the races if you have older children interested in reading numbers with a stop watch.


We tidied up the vehicle activity and instead of throwing out the masking tape right away, I reused it to make some letter L’s on the carpet.  We played a quick game of Simon Says using ‘L’ words.  I said a word out loud and the children jumped around to find a new ‘L’ to stand on if the word started with the sound of ‘L.’ If the word didn’t start with an ‘L’, then they just stayed still.


We ended our letter L week with the children making “L”‘s with their food at snack time. Here is a letter L made with blueberries in yogurt.


I guess I encouraged them to play with their food when I gave them these letter cookies for snack the day before!

IMG_9571-resized I hope you have a lovely ‘L’ week filled with laughs!

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