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Welcome to letter ‘M’ week. We are going to have a marvelous time learning about the letter ‘M’.

This week’s mouse letter craft came from Rockabye Butterfly’s site.  We changed it a bit and stuck with all paper features so that it will lie flat when we put it in our letter books at the end of this alphabet series.  We read through our letter ‘M’ AlphaTales books and practiced making the sound of letter “M”.


In the monkey story, they make muffins.  My daycare children LOVE muffins.  I bake muffins once a week for them and they always ask for more.  So I thought the word ‘muffins’ would be a good word to link with the sound of letter M.

One of my daycare children’s special lovey happens to be a stuffed monkey.  I pretended that Monkey was talking and saying, “Mmmmmmmm, I love Muffins!”  And then he would ask each child if they liked muffins.  The child would repeat back, “Mmmmmmm, I love muffins too!”  This went on for a bit and the children thought it was silly and fun.  If I was really organized, I would have had muffins on the snack menu that day, oops!


I told the children a little story about Monkey to explain to them the process of forming a letter M. Monkey wanted to climb a mountain.  He started at the bottom and climbed up, up, to the top.  At the top he took a short rest and drank a glass of milk. Then Monkey slid down the other side of the mountain. Wheeeeeeee.  Then Monkey started climbing up the second mountain.  He climbed all the way to the top and stopped for a muffin snack.  After he ate he slid down the other side, wheeeeeeee and stopped at the bottom.

I got out our marker carousel for the letter M.


As the children traced their letter M’s, I suggested they remember the story of Monkey climbing the mountain.  As they traced the letter M with several different colours of markers the children said out loud, “Up, down, up again and down”. This story and practice will help them distinguish the difference between forming a letter M and a letter N next week.


The next day one of my daycare children brought in an alphabet puzzle to share with the group.  I wanted to mention that Melissa and Doug puzzles are fantastic high quality puzzles. The pieces are sturdy and you can wipe them clean.  My Melissa and Doug puzzles have held up very well over the past years.

We have a similar alphabet animal train puzzle and it is a great resource to review the letter names and sounds with the children.  I find floor puzzles are perfect for home daycares because six people can do one together and it doesn’t feel crowded.


The children are always impressed with how long it is and this keeps them motivated to finish the puzzle and see how far it reaches on the floor.  Then once it is completed, we sing the alphabet song and skip down beside the letters as we sing.  So easy and so fun.


I picked up these wooden letters a few months ago from a dollar store. I gave them to the children at craft time with some markers, crayons, glue and paper.  It was an open-ended craft session and the children did a variety of different pictures with the letters.  You can often find inexpensive letters in craft foam, in stickers or wooden shapes like this kit.  See what your daycare children can create!


One day this week I got out my large foam tile letters.  These Alphabet Floor Mat tiles are very popular in home daycares. I made up a mini-golf putting area.  I took the foam letter M out of the square base to create a letter M shaped hole. The children started at one end and tried to putt their balls into the letter M.


We set up a second putting green against the toy shelf and lined it with books so that it was easier to get the ball into the letter E hole.  This was a new activity for my daycare group and they happily switched up the letters to see what letter was the easiest to putt into.


We attached the letters we have learned so far into a giant hopscotch type game. The children hopped down the letters as they said the letter names.


If you are a regular subscriber to my blog then you know that my son LOVES mazes.  I had to include a maze activity for the letter M!  We took the foam letters outside the next day and I made a snow maze in our backyard. There was a fresh layer of new snow.  I shuffled through the fresh snow to create a winding pathway with a few dead ends.


Along the pathway I stuck the foam letters into the snow.  The children had to figure out what side paths to take to collect all the letters.


When they found their way to the end of the maze they told me the names of all the letters they had collected.  This was a great letter name review activity.  The children asked me to set the letters back up so they could complete the maze again and again.

If you don’t have snow in your area you could do a chalk maze similar to this post. Another idea would be to make an indoor cardboard tube maze and add letters similar to this one.

Children always seem to enjoy writing on BIG pieces of paper.  Our last letter M activity was a simple one.  I gave the children a new set of markers and gave each of them a huge piece of paper from our giant easel size sketch pad.  We reviewed how to print a letter M (up the mountain, down the mountain….) and the children had a chance to practice on their pages.  I printed a letter M in dots with a marker for the children who were not ready to form their own letters yet. This is a great in-between stage for some children because they enjoy connected the dots to form the letter.


I wanted to do a marble activity for letter M but it wouldn’t be appropriate for my group as I have an 18 month old in my care.  However, here is a cute marble painting craft idea that we did awhile ago that would fit nicely into letter M week.

I hope you have a letter M week that is simply magical!



  1. Hi, I just thought you might be interested in the animal themed mazes at heretoamaze.com. I’m the artist there, and I’m working my way through the alphabet. Thank you for the hard work you are doing.

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