Letter of the Week-Letter A

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This is Part Two of our letter A activities.  If you missed part one, and would like to see our ‘A is for Alligator craft’, you can find it by typing in the search box in the top right hand corner of this page, “Letter of the Week Program-Introduction”.

We read another book about the letter A. This series is from scholastic and each book is very short.  It gave the children another opportunity to listen to a variety of words that begin with the letter A.



The children traced a capital letter A in our salt learning box.  I made my own salt tracing box a few years ago after reading a post on Rockabye Butterfly‘s blog. You can make your own by finding a tupperware container with a tight lid.  Cut a dark piece of paper to fit into the bottom of the container. Pour in some salt.  Use your finger or a unsharpened pencil and trace the letter in the salt.  Simply shake the container gently to erase the letter and start again.  Pop the top on and it is ready to be put away for next time!


We got our bodies jumping and skipping with this fun Alphabet Activity Mats game.


You could make your own version with paper or sheets of foam from the craft store. The children stomped and hopped on the letter A and played an alphabet version of musical chairs.


The children put the letters in alphabetical order and then sang the alphabet song as they stepped on each letter mat.  This was a good way to connect the auditory letter name with the visual picture. Of course we had to slow down at the …LMNOP… part! 🙂


We ended our letter A activities with a walk around our neighbourhood.  It was amazing how many letter A’s we spotted on signs and also in nature.  The children saw the letter A in tree branches and made a big letter A out of fallen leaves.  We made up our own little song as we walked along,

A is for apple and alligator too,

A is airplane in the sky so blue,

We love letter A, big and small,

It’s a wonderful letter for all.


I hope your letter A week was full of Amazing Adventures!




  1. Those letters are cute. It is a great idea. Little children lean so well by moving.

  2. K from London ON says

    Where did you get that alphabet set of stepping stones? I’d love to see them….maybe make my own out of paper and laminate them….but that could be slippery. Hmmmm.


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