Letter “R”- Letter of the Week Program

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Welcome to letter ‘R’ week everyone! There are so many words that begin with the letter ‘R’, you will have no trouble finding lots of great examples to point out to the children in the next few days. We read our AlphaTales letter books and noticed the sound of ‘R’ is present when we say the letter name.  This letter will be straightforward for the children to remember the letter sound.


My daycare children did not know what a radish was when we read about it in the letter ‘R’ book.  I made sure to buy a radish this week and I gave each of them a thin slice at lunch one day. They liked it!  You could also serve raisins, rolls, raspberries, red peppers and rice this week if you wanted to do a food theme.


We practiced tracing the letter R and of course we used the colour, RED.


I used this toy rocket to explain how to print the letter R. I explained to start at the top and draw a straight line down (the rocket roared from space down to earth). Then take your pencil off the page and return to the top (The rocket forgot someone on the moon, so it blasted back up into space). With your pencil, go around a curve until you touch the straight line then slide down on a slant (the rocket returns to earth by first going around an asteroid and slides down through the thick clouds to land).  It held their attention  and made it fun.


Find any toy in your playroom that begins with the letter R to help you with the printing activity, you might have a race car , rabbit, raccoon, rhino, or a rooster?


‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’ is a good action song to do this week. The children hold hands with their partners and row back and forth as they sing the lyrics.

“Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.”


We made a huge letter R on the playroom area rug with painter’s tape.  The children took turns RUNNING the letter R in their own pretend race.  You could also have them push race cars if you have a smaller area.


The children made collages this week at craft time.  I filled the table with objects that began with the letter R and each child made their own unique picture. Some did mostly gluing while others also drew pictures of objects that began with the letter R sound.


Here is one child’s work.  He drew with red crayon, glued on a piece of red felt and included a sticker of a man running.  This picture also has a ribbon, rope, rain and a rainbow.  I labeled each item for him so that he could talk about his picture with his parents at home.


I took out a bunch of new books from the library so that the children could do some extra READING this week.


Even if most of your young children can’t read yet they can certainly tell (pretend read) a storybook to a stuffed animal or doll using the pictures as their guide.


The children liked making a road out of the letter ‘R’ and driving their race cars on it.


One idea is to set up a pretend restaurant in your playroom. Kids love to cook and prepare pretend food.


Our last activity during our letter R week was to paint with the colour red.  The children did prints with a rock, ruler and a rag.

I hope your letter R week is Remarkable!

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