Letter “S” -Letter of the Week Program

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Welcome to letter ‘S’ week. Letter ‘S’ lends itself to a million and one different activities.  Here are a few ideas to get you started, however, I encourage you to use what you have on hand and choose activities that your group would really enjoy.

Do you have a young group of children who like sensory bins?  Fill one with spaghetti and the other with snow (or salt).  Do you have kids who like to do crafts?  Give them string, sticks, stamps or stars to create some pictures. Do you have children who like to count?  Count spoons, straws, stuffed animals or socks. There are a ton of words that begin with the letter ‘S’ so this week will be straightforward!


We read our AlphaTales  letter books about a seal and the sun.  The children traced their letter ‘S’ pages and found the ‘s’ curves fun to make.


We are enjoying winter here so we had a chance to do some snowy activities like sledding.


The children painted with different sponges.  You can cut your own simple shapes (hearts, diamonds, circles) from inexpensive rectangular sponges or buy a sponge shape kit.


One day I put out a variety of different stickers and the kids created their own pictures.


I have an active group of kids this year who like to move and jump.  The children and I thought up a bunch of actions that began with the letter ‘S’.  When we thought of a new action, we all enthusiastically did the action while we yelled the word (we were alone at the park so it was great to burn off some energy!)

Here is our list, skip, stomp, swim, sing, stretch, ski, somersault, and skate. This is a picture of two of the older kids pretending to skate on the ice rink beside the park.


I gave each child a length of string and they formed a letter ‘S’ with it. This was a great two minute activity before snack one day.


We went to our local science museum and toured around the space exhibit.


I wanted to include a review activity this week. I have several sets of alphabet flash cards that I’ve picked up at garage sales and discount stores.  I took out a set and showed the children how to match up the upper case letters with the lower case letter.  Once they found the match they would flip over the cards and see what the two pictures were that represented the letters.

I sat with them at first to help them get started but quickly had to go and attend to the baby.  I gave them our alphabet chart to use as a guide because this activity would have been too difficult for my group to complete alone at this stage.

They enjoyed working together and found about 14 matches before they lost interest.  This is an activity I will leave out for them to revisit when they choose.


Since we have so much snow here, we made a giant letter ‘S’ in the new fallen snow.


This was a fun activity.  The children put on sunglasses and made silly faces in the mirror.


We finished up exploring the letter ‘S’ using our sense of smell.  The children enjoy smelling the different ingredients when we bake together so I grabbed a few spices and cut up some fruit just before lunch one day.  I gave each child a chance to sniff the different spices and smell the fruit.

I’ve read that we often link a certain smell with a vivid memory. This was a simple five minute activity that hopefully will help them remember that the word ‘smell’ starts with the letter ‘S’!


I hope your letter ‘S’ week is simply sensational!


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