Letter “T”- Letter of the Week Program

letter t

Welcome to letter “T” week everyone.  We made the letter “T” into a tree for our letter craft activity.  I read the children our letter books and we practiced saying the letter “T” words in the story.  I had the children cup their hands in front of their mouths to feel the puff of air that comes out when the letter “T” sound is properly pronounced.


The turtle in the story went to a tea party so we decided to have our own tea party this week.  I made the children tea and toast for snack time.  The tea was just a homemade mixture of honey and lemon in little teacups.


I spread jam in the shape of a letter “T” on their toast.  You could also serve tacos, turkey, tangerines or Triscuit crackers for a letter “T” snack.


An easy way to extend the tea party theme was to set up a few play items in the children’s pretend kitchen.  They came in one morning to find all the items needed to play tea party with the dolls and stuffed animals.


My kids like to use tongs and a pair of giant tweezers we have in a children’s doctor’s kit. This gave me the idea to add them into our letter “T” review activity.  I found some tongs in my kitchen drawer and put the letters we had already learned in a basket.  The kids used the tongs and tweezers to choose the letters they wanted to pick out of the group and practice the letter names.


We have a turtle finger puppet that became the star of my puppet play.  I told the children a story about a turtle wanting to find a friend whose name started with the letter “T” like his name did.  He meets all the other finger puppets and we had a chance to review the other letter sounds that we have covered in our letter program. In the end he doesn’t find a friend whose name begins with the letter “T” but he does realize that he already has a big group of friends that are all different and special.


I took the children, with me on a toy hunt around the playroom one afternoon because the word ‘toy’ starts with the letter “T”.  We found a few toys that began with the letter “T” and had lots of practice sounding out the names of different toys to listen and identify the beginning sound.  We found a tow truck, a train and a tractor.


My group loves to play with trains so we got out some play mats and they had fun making up their own train games.  Play mats are a great way to give trains or cars a new twist if you don’t have enough train tracks to accommodate a group. You can also use a big piece of paper or cardboard and have the children help you draw your own play mat to drive the trains on.


We used train track pieces to make the letter “T”.  The children said this was, “EASY!”


I needed an extra few minutes one day as I was preparing lunch this week.  At the table, I gave the children some toothpicks while they waited.  I challenged them to make the letter “T” and then whatever other shapes they wanted to create.  It kept them busy and they liked showing each other their toothpick pictures.


They also make the letter “T” with their hands and their whole body.


I’m delighted to watch them jump right in and try to make each letter with their fingers and bodies as we go through the alphabet.  They have such fun trying to move and contort themselves into the proper shape!


Many phonetic worksheets consist of a picture and then a choice of a few letters. The child says the name of the picture and then chooses the correct letter it begins with. I decided to do the same activity but with a toy train.  I set up a train on a track with a few flat cars.  I found a bunch of tiny toys that would fit in the train car and our set of fridge magnet letters.  I put the toy in the first car and then two letters in the second car.


The train chugged into the station and the children had a chance to say the name of the toy and then choose the correct beginning letter.


I tried to find a bunch of toys that began with the letter “T’.  Here are some ideas if you decide to put together a similar activity.  You might have a  toy: turkey, tiger, teacup, triangle, turtle, tricycle, tractor, truck, train, taxi, toothbrush, tomato, towel, tights, number two, number ten and a telephone. I also included some other toys that didn’t start with the letter “T” to keep the game a bit challenging.

Our final letter “T” activity was to get out the pop-up tent and sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” as they lay in the tent.   A tent building party with chairs and blankets would also be a fun idea if you don’t have a pop-up tent.


One day last year we painted the letter “T” using toy tractors with brown paint (mud).  Here is the link to the post for the full description.

I hope your letter “T” week is Terrific!

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