Letter “W” -Letter of the Week Program

letter W.jpg

Welcome to letter “W” week! The children and I had fun turning the letter “W” into a watermelon for our letter craft. The kids enjoyed counting and gluing on the seeds the most.


We read our AlphaTales letter books and identified many words that began with the letter “W”.  I like these books because they help me come up with words that begin with each letter and the stories are very appealing for young children.


Rockabye Butterfly gave us the great idea to laminate letters and make them into reusable roads.  I made up a story about this person pushing a wheelbarrow to explain how to print the letter “W”.


Forming the letter “W” with our fingers helped the children remember that the letter consists of four different lines.


We went on a hunt in the playroom for wheels.  The children found toys that had wheels and then we counted all the wheels to see how many there were altogether.


I served watermelon for snack one day this week. All my kids LOVE watermelon. Here is a watermelon we turned into a hedgehog for our daycare parent’s party last summer.  The children thought this was hilarious and truly enjoyed sharing this treat at the party. I found the idea on Pinterest.


I gave the children a jar of water and a black piece of paper.  They wet their brush and were able to practice printing a letter “W”.  It was also neat to watch the letter disappear as the paper dried.


One day this week I needed a five minute filler activity to keep things calm while we waited for one child.  I grabbed this toy whale we have and I made up a song.

The whale (in a deep whale-like voice) sang, “This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands, this is the way we wash our hands, so early in the morning.”  Then he asked a child what we should wash next in the song.  The song continued and we sang a verse about washing feet, arms, hair, etc. until every child had a chance to contribute an idea.


We used these special wipe-off crayons to print letter “W” on the window in the playroom.  I took several photos but none of them turned out because of the bright sun that day. Here is a demonstration photo for you using an upstairs window.


My kids requested that I buy plain alphabet pasta at the grocery store this week after having a delicious tofu pasta soup at a friend’s house.  I served it for lunch one day with a tomato vegetable sauce.  It turned out to be a great letter review activity when the children spent the whole meal declaring the name of each letter they ate.


I gave the children squares of dark paper so that they could print using a white crayon.  Here are their white letter “W”s.


Our letter activity this week used a toy wheelbarrow we have but you could also use a wagon or a wicker basket or maybe a wand.


You will need the whole alphabet in letters or written on pieces of paper. I used our magnetic letters and arranged them on a metal tray.


Find an alphabet book you have at home or use one borrowed from the library.


We started the activity by having one child open the book to a random page. I read the letter page and then that child got to push the wheelbarrow from the book down to the letters on the tray.


They found the letter that matched the page we had just read as fast as they could. They put it into the wheelbarrow and pushed it back to show to the group. Then it was the next child’s turn to select a different page in the book. We continued until the children lost interest in the activity.


I took the kids on a Winter Wonderland Walk to see if we could spot any objects outside that began with the letter “W”. We didn’t see any whales, walruses or wolves 🙂 but they did see one woman-me!


I introduced the children to wheelbarrow races.  We didn’t actually race against each other but had a blast working in partners to move from one end of the carpet to the other.  I was impressed with their strength and coordination!


While the preschoolers were working on their printing practice this week my homeschooler decided to extend the activity for herself.  She printed a letter “W” and then converted the letter into a house.  All of these letter “W” activities can be simplified or extended to meet the needs of your particular group.


I wish you a wonderful letter “W” week!


  1. Great activities! Thanks for sharing these!