Letter “X” -Letter of the Week Program

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Welcome to letter “X” week everyone.  I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the alphabet! As the weeks go by, I notice the children becoming more and more comfortable talking about letters and using the letter names in conversation.  All our hard work is paying off! 🙂

You might be losing your momentum or enthusiasm for letter activities by this time but I encourage you to finish the alphabet.  Finishing our letter crafts and putting them together into an alphabet book will be very rewarding for the children.


We began our letter “X” week by reading our AlphaTales  letter books.  There are not that many words that begin with the letter “X” but I believe the authors included all of them in this cute story about an X-ray fish.  The children became familiar with listening for the sound of letter “X” at the beginning and in the middle of a word.


The kids traced their letter “X” printing practice sheets and also make “X’s” with their arms and legs.


They also discovered it was easy to make letter “X” with their fingers.


I got out our xylophone and each child had a chance to sing a little silly made-up letter “X” song.  Here are a few lyrics we created,

“X is extra special,

X is extra fun,

X is exactly what I like to sing,

on the xylophone!”


After our xylophone singing activity we made our letter “X” craft into a xylophone.  I like how the children commented that you could turn the letter “X” on its head or legs and it still looked like an “X”.


At snack time this week I cut veggies and hummus toast pieces into long strips to facilitate the ease of making letter “X”s.


They love playing with their food.


The railroad sign at a train crossing is in the shape of a letter “X”.  We played trains and made sure to set up the letter “X” train crossing sign in our game.


I had the children complete our dry erase printing practice alphabet cards one afternoon this week.  The kids were not that familiar with an x-ray machine so I found this Franklin book to read to them the next day.


The story centers around Franklin being worried about having an x-ray done on his turtle shell.  It was a good starting point to a group discussion on what it means to be brave.


“X” is also famous for ‘marking the spot’ in a treasure map.  We became pirates one day and read treasure maps to find the hidden letter “X” fridge magnet that I hid in the playroom.


My daycare children go crazy for treasure hunts so you can imagine that this game was played over and over again.


I asked the children to choose extraordinary (I had to explain the word) toys from the playroom and see if they could make the letter “X” with the toys.


They chose a fishing game and made a letter “X” with the fish and the fishing rods.


They also used their pirate swords to make another letter “X”.  Many toys and craft materials lend themselves well to forming the letter “X”. I encourage you to let your daycare children explore the materials they have all around them and become familiar making letter “X”.

May your letter “X” week be EXACTLY what you were hoping to accomplish!


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