Letter “Y”- Letter of the Week

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Welcome to letter “Y” week!  The children and I made a letter “Y” yellow collage for our letter craft.  The word ‘yellow’ was an easy association for everyone in my daycare group.  Only one child knew what a yak was!


However, yaks are a common association with the letter “Y” and our letter books this week featured stories about yaks.  The kids enjoyed yelling ‘yuck’ and yum’ as we read the AlphaTales story.


I made baked yam fries one day for snack time.  I sliced the yams into sticks so that the children and I could arrange them into letter ‘Y’ shapes on the baking sheet.  I filled the whole baking sheet with yam sticks before I put it into the oven.  Once they were cooked, I arranged them again into letter Y’s when I served them on the kid’s plates.

Everyone tried them but only one child declared a thumbs-up for taste.  I followed this recipe but skipped the spices.  I personally thought they tasted great. Yogurt would be a good idea for a themed snack for letter “Y” week.


Linking the sound that each letter makes with a personal connection is the easiest way for each letter to stick in a child’s memory.  I have some Star Wars fans here who were delighted to write out Yoda’s name with different coloured markers while they were practicing their letter “Y” printing.


The children enthusiastically worked together to make a letter “Y” with their bodies.  Figuring out how to make each letter with their limbs has been a highlight for them each week.





I love watching their eyes light up as they contort themselves to show me each letter shape they can form.  Kinesthetic  learning is so powerful.


These walkie talkies gave my daycare group an opportunity to say letter “Y” words back and forth to each other.  It was fun when I introduced them to yodeling!


Here is a yarn craft we completed as a group.  The finished product can be used as a craft bowl or be hung up as a decorative ball.  Start the craft by blowing up a balloon or find a round plastic bowl/container.  The end product will take on the shape of your round object that you cover with yarn.


Mix white glue with a bit of water. You want the consistency to be thick. Cut long strips of yarn. Cover the balloon with the glue mixture.  Dip each piece of yarn into the glue then stick it on the balloon.


My kids decided to just use blue yarn however mixing up a variety of colours looks very nice.  Stop half way up the balloon if you want it to be a bowl.


I hung the balloon up to let it dry overnight. The string dries into a hard shell.  I popped the balloon and removed it.  We hung up our yarn ball in the playroom.  Here is an example of a yarn bowl.


We often walk down a bike path that goes behind many back yards in our neighbourhood.  ‘Yard’ starts with the letter “Y” so we counted how many yards we could see on our walk this week.


Trying to master a yo-yo would just be frustrating for my age group of children so I decided to swing the yo-yo like a pendulum in a letter review activity.  I used our letter lacing cards and some letter flash cards.


The children arranged the Alphabet Lace-Up Cards on the table at one end of the playroom while I arranged the Alphabet Flash Cards on the carpet at the other end.


One child stood in the middle of the room and slowly swung the yo-yo back and forth.  The kids took turns choosing a lacing letter and dodging past the yo-yo so that they wouldn’t get touched.


Once past the swinging yo-yo they found their letter match from the flash cards and then had to avoid the yo-yo again to get safely back with their match. My daycare children love to move and this activity, that involved a bit of skilled movement, had then yelling with excitement. They took turns until all the letters had been matched up and then did it all over again!


On the last afternoon of our letter “Y” week I put out a letter review activity.  I bought this laminated alphabet card set at a garage sale years ago.  I think someone cut up a classroom alphabet line and laminated each letter. It’s a good idea if you have an alphabet book you want to turn into stepping stone cards. I made a path with the cards but I put them in  random order.


The last card in the middle of the spiral path was letter “Y” because it was our featured letter this week.  The children had to call out the name of each letter as they hopped from card to card.

It was a bit difficult since they were out of alphabetical order.  This was a good way for me to assess each child and see what letter names they recalled quickly and what ones needed more practice. They all stumbled over letter “U”. We will have to revisit letter “U” once we finish the alphabet.


I wish you a wonderful week filled with children yelling Yippee!!

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