Make Your Own Sorting Boxes- Keeps Kids Busy While You Make Lunch!

sorting boxes

These sorting boxes are easy to make and are great at keeping little hands busy.  I covered two empty boxes and cut wide slits in the tops.


Whenever possible I like to re-use items and make my own daycare activities.  When the older children help me make activities for the toddlers, they end up excited to try them out too!  Today I found some flyers and an old book with ripped pages that could be repurposed. My first sorting box will be pictures that start with the sound of letter B.  The second one will be sorting pictures of ‘Things to Wear.’


I had some small wooden squares from a larger game that I also reused for these sorting boxes.


This was a cute book and I’m glad I found a way to reuse it instead of throwing it out. I glued letter B on the front of the box and included pictures of a bunny, barn, bike and bear.  I also included a few pictures that didn’t start with the letter B (trees, flowers) since this box is geared for a preschooler.

The second box is my ‘Things to Wear’ box.  Children can sort all the wooden tiles with the pictures of ‘things to wear’ into the box and leave out the food pictures.

Happy Sorting Boxes Everyone!