Making Dandelion Chain Crowns

dandelion crowns.jpg

My daycare children love to pick flowers and one flower that I let them pick is the dandelion! One morning we came upon a soccer field full of dandelions on our walk.  The children delighted in picking fistfuls of dandelions.  Once they had collected a bunch I made them some dandelion crowns to wear.  Dandelions with long stems work best.


Split the stem of a dandelion with your fingernail and thread a second dandelion stem through the hole.


Split the stem of the second dandelion and thread a third dandelion through the hole.


I find it helpful to pull the dandelion down through the hole until it’s head rests just above the hole.


Continue in this manner until you have a chain long enough to go around the child’s head.


I tie the stem of the last dandelion in a loose knot to the stem of the first dandelion to link up the chain in a circle.

flower crown.jpg

Make sure you warn the children that their crowns are delicate and will only last for a little while.  My children dance around and sing whenever I make them crowns, it’s so sweet to watch.

dandelion crown.jpg

We had enough dandelions left over to bring home and decorate our picnic table for lunch.


May your heart sing with the simple joys of summer.