Meet a Pet and Make A Connection!

Meet a Pet.jpg

Some young children are fearful of animals.  Meeting a pet and learning how to read their body language can help a child feel more comfortable. Maybe you have a friend with a pet who you can invite over for a visit.  Your daycare children will enjoy learning about the animal and getting a chance to see one up close.  The more hands on the experience the better.  Patting soft fur and looking into an animal’s eyes opens up a child’s mind to a different perspective. Maybe you have a pet shop or local petting zoo you could visit with your children.

My daycare children and I go on regular outings with our local homeschooling group. This week I invited the group to the horse stable where I ride.  The children had a chance to meet the horses and do some riding. The children learned about horse behaviour.  Here are two horses who are scratching each other.  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine!


Horses form close friendships with other horses in their herd. You will only see horses who are good friends engaging in this mutually beneficial activity.  The children enjoyed watching the horses and asked lots of questions about what each behaviour meant.

The kids were then excited to get some hands-on instruction.  They learned how to brush a pony.


They watched how to put on the saddle and bridle.  We always learn more when we get to participate in the process.  I gave them each small tasks to complete to draw them into the activity.  By the end of the lesson, they were all moving around the ponies with confidence.



It was time to ride.  Being high up and viewing the world from a different perspective was thrilling for the kids.  It must have been fantastic to be sitting taller than the adults!


The children had a chance to take home some horseshoes for good luck.  We decided to paint them before hanging them up.


Having the opportunity to meet an animal and learn about them is a wonderful memory we can give a child.  Interacting with pets helps children become more empathetic.  Do you have a pet or know a neighbour with a pet that your daycare children could meet?  We never know how much we influence the lives of our children.  One simple meeting with a pet could be the beginning of a child’s desire to pursue a career involving animals.


  1. So much fun! I’d love to give my kids the opportunity to spend time with horses. 🙂