My New Secret Weapon- Toy Rental Program

toy rental program.jpg

Have you been introduced to the beauty of a toy rental program yet?  I have, and I think I’m in love!  A toy rental program is a fantastic option for us home daycare providers.  We decided to try out our local toy rental company for a few months to see if it would be a good fit.  The company is called Just Play Toy Rental and it is run by Delta, a mother of three, who is an avid believer in the value of unstructured play.


I think she has come up with a brilliant concept of renting quality toys for a month. Here are my top five reasons why I love this toy rental company.

1. We had a chance to try out high quality toys.

Delta knows her toys.  She has a knack for choosing toys from reputable companies that have staying power. I worked for a large toy store while I was in university and I acquired experience and knowledge about quality toys.  I could tell when I browsed through Just Play’s toy list on the website that it was a compilation of the best toys currently on the market.


We discovered what toys worked for my group of children.  Delta delivered toys that my one year old all the way up to my seven year old played with for hours. They used the same toy, just in different ways.  Now that is a versatile toy!


2. We made dreams come true.

My son has been asking for a child sized motorized fire truck that he can drive himself for the past few years.  I’ve told him again and again, I will never buy one. My reasons (crowded garage, expensive, no exercise, too young to operate) have fallen on deaf ears.  He pines for one.

Just Play toy rental made our dreams come true.  My son got to drive a fire truck for a month and then I got to give it back at the end of the month.  No need to store it for the winter or have it gather dust once the novelty wears off.  This was the perfect solution for us.  All the daycare children had a blast taking turns driving it.  It was a real treat to watch. Just Play offers daily toy rentals.  This is a great idea for a birthday party or special occasion.


3. We enjoyed toys that were helpful and relevant during a specific stage of development.

It’s a big investment to buy high quality toys that you know your children will grow out of in a few months.  We daycare providers try to have a wide range of toys to satisfy the ages of children in our care.  This can result in a large inventory of toys.  Renting toys that are appropriate at the moment is one way to save you storage space and money.


This is great for my little ones now but they will soon grow out of it.  It is a large toy to store until I enroll my next baby.  Renting it for a month was a fantastic solution.


My daycare children loved playing with this wheelbarrow indoors and then outdoors to gather leaves.  Seasonal toys can easily be rented for the right season and then returned to avoid long term storage.

4.  Gift idea for the child who has everything.

Since I have a home daycare, my own children have access to a wide range of toys.  Extended family members often ask for suggestions at birthdays. Receiving a gift card to a toy rental company is a unique gift suggestion. Just Play toy rental has a good selection of educational toys to try out. The children and I love to learn through physical action.  We tried out these alphabet mats to everyone’s delight.


5. Fresh new toys= Absorbed happy kids

Just Play toy rental makes it easy for home daycare providers by delivering new toys to your door every month.  At the end of the month we packed up the previous months’ toys and then Delta arrived with the new set of toys.  Yippee! It felt like Christmas morning.


Having a new set of toys is extremely helpful to keep the group happy and occupied when you need to spend some extra time with a specific child.  Potty training, integrating a new child, adjusting to a move or a new sibling are all situations when a child needs extra one-on-one time.  Signing up for a month’s toy rental is a great tool for home childcare providers.

I highly recommend Just Play Toy Rental if you live in the area.  It met and exceeded our highest hopes.  Consider checking out a toy rental company where you live. Playing with good quality toys results in good quality fun!