Nut Butter & Apple Sandwiches

nut butter & apple sandwiches2

One of my children requested almond butter and apple sandwiches yesterday and I thought it might be nice to share this sandwich idea with those of you running home daycares.

Most kids like apples.  The majority of children also enjoy the taste of peanut butter or a different nut butter.

If allergies are an issue in your home daycare you can get peanut free alternatives such as Wow Butter or use cheese instead.  Cheese and apples pair very well together.


If you have a fancy gadget apple corer this would be the time to use it. Next, slice the apples to create thin rings.

If you don’t have an apple corer, make sure you cut out the middle star section of each slice.


I toast some whole wheat bread, spread on the almond butter and lay the apple slices down.  I usually add some raw veggies and/or fruit on the side.

A quick and easy peasy lunch that even your picky eaters will enjoy!


If I have an extra moment or two I’ll arrange the food into a cute face to make my daycare children smile.


Want another simple lunch idea? Check out this post about the #1 Requested Lunch at my home daycare- Navy Bean and Veggies!


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