Painting with Lego

painting with lego

I have after school children in my home daycare who love to play with Lego. One day I suggested we paint using Lego bricks and see if we could make some interesting prints.  They were eager to get started!  Duplo blocks would be a good choice if you have younger children.


The children gathered a handful of different Lego bricks.  They picked ones that included different sizes and shapes.


I gave each child a blog of yellow, blue, red and green. Some of the children wanted to try mixing their own colours.


The kids dipped and stamped to their heart’s content.  I love watching them experiment and listening to their animated voices as they discover a new technique.  This child turned the Lego brick on each of its sides to compare the prints.


You could extend this activity into a math lesson through counting the brick prints, comparing sizes, skip counting by 2’s to count the dots in each Lego brick, measuring lengths and ordering the Lego bricks by size. You could also use the Lego bricks to stamp out letters of the alphabet or practice the letters in a child’s name.


Or, you could just have fun playing with Legos and paint!