Play Dough Snowmen – Practice Counting, Colours, Sequencing, Patterns, Vocabulary and more…

play dough snowmen

I made some homemade play dough for my daycare group today.  It’s winter here and I thought they would enjoy making their own play dough snow people.  I put out some craft items so the snow people could be decorated with accessories. Please make sure the size of your craft items are appropriate for the ages of children in your care.


Group art activities are a good time for me to work one-on-one with my kids.  The children are focused on their own work so I have a chance to review concepts with each child. The older kids had to figure out how to separate the big ball of play dough into three sections.


I helped the younger ones separate and then count out three balls.  We reviewed sequencing words (first, second, third) as they built their snowmen.


It was easier for the younger children to work on the table with flat snowballs than ones balanced on top of one another.


This snow person has a colour pattern made out of straws (some are around the back).  The child chose, purple, purple, orange, orange, blue, blue, green, green, etc.


You could make a snow person to practice vocabulary with your toddlers.  My snow lady has two ARMS.  Her hat is on her HEAD.  She has a scarf around her NECK. She has an orange NOSE.


I like this little dude!  We counted his eyes and the beads for his mouth.  Who says snow people need to have round snowballs?


The children had a creative time building snow people and I didn’t have to dress anyone in snow suits.  I think I like this type of snowmen building!