Pumpkin Balloon Stamping



Being a home daycare provider and a kindergarten teacher has given me lots of practice thinking of fun ways to encourage little ones to paint and experiment with colour. However, this is the first time I’ve tried doing balloon prints.  The children LOVED it.

Make sure you blow up the balloon just a little bit so the balloon is easy for a child size hand to grasp.


I blew up several balloons to give the children a slight variety in balloon stamp sizes. I like to use recycled food trays and put out several different blobs of colour on them. This encourages colour mixing.


The younger ones stamped the bottom of the balloon to create a circular stamp and also the tie of the balloon to create tiny little wiggly stamps.


It was interesting to see the colour mixing together on the balloon and also on the paper.


Some of the older kids used paintbrushes to add details after they finished balloon stamping.


Since we are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch this week it made sense to give the children the colour orange so they could stamp some pumpkins.


Here is a picture of our group in a pumpkin field finding the biggest pumpkin to pick.


This boy has an orange pumpkin shaped bag for trick-or-treating.  Someone is excited for Halloween!

Here’s a silly joke for you to tell your kiddos.  What does a pumpkin sew?  A pumpkin patch!!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha

Happy pumpkin balloon stamping everyone!