Rainy Day Secret Weapon-Mini Trampoline


Bouncing on a trampoline is an outstanding way to drain your lymphatic system.  It helps flush toxins from the body, alkalize your system, enhance digestion,  encourage relaxation, improve sleep patterns and calms fragiler nerve impulses.  Jumping on a personal fitness trampoline burns more calories than jogging and is a great all over workout.

More importantly, any child will tell you that jumping on a mini trampoline is FUN. Kids don’t care about the health benefits that come with this exercise, they just know it feels great and makes them feel calm afterwards.

Here is a video about the mini-trampoline I use in my home daycare.  It’s my secret weapon on rainy days when the children are hyper and need to release some energy. These small trampolines are also called rebounders if you decide you want to purchase one. Here is the rebounder I own.

I include a jumping song in the video to help you manage the task of taking turns when there are multiple children in your home daycare.

Watch on YouTube.

Here are the words to the jumping song;


Jump, jump, jump Jim Jo.

You nod your head, you shake your head,

You tap your toe.

Turn around, and round,

And round, and round you go.

And you choose another partner,

And you jump Jim Jo, jump, JUMP!


Remember, these fitness trampolines are designed for adults, so jump on and enjoy the benefits yourself! Bouncing will surely bring a smile to your face. Click here to Bounce.

What is your secret weapon on a rainy day?




  1. What a fantastic idea. Kids just love to jump, excellent for using up their surplus energy.

  2. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots last week! I’m featuring your post this week on In Lieu of Preschool: http://www.inlieuofpreschool.com/rainy-day-activities/ Please feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Off to pin! Thanks again for sharing! 🙂 ~Genny

  3. Sharon Hiatt says

    My day care kids love my mini-trampoline but our state licensing department says “no mini-tramps allowed” even though the regulations just say “trampolines are prohibited”. It doesn’t specify what kind of trampoline they prohibit. But the rep says that includes mini-tramps. Any thoughts? I don’t think mini-tramps fit into that catagory.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Regulations vary depending on where you live. If your area states, “trampolines are prohibited”, then I would assume that includes min-tramps as well. I agree with you that mini-tramps shouldn’t be included in this category. A young child bouncing on a mini-tramp holding onto a caregivers hands for support is not in the same category as an older child doing flips on a full size trampoline. However, regulations are in place to keep children safe. When my son was finished with his crib mattress we put it on the floor and let the kids jump on it for two weeks before we put it in the garbage. They thought it was fantastic.

  4. I just came across this posted on pinterest. I purchased a mini trampoline for my buddies a couple of weeks ago and we love it too! I didn’t know about the health benefits, though, other than the obvious exercise. I’m pinning it to my daycare décor board and to fun & fitness 4 kids!

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)))


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