Should I Open a Home Daycare? The #1 Reason that helped me! – a video


Are you thinking about opening up your own home daycare business?

Do you have young children of your own?

Are you wondering if this decision would be best for you?

Watch this video to find out the number one reason that helped me decide to start my own home daycare!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. THIS is EXACTLY where I am. My children are a little older (5&7), and it tears me up every single time I have to go to work as a teacher and essentially put my job before my children. That is just not right to me. Alt night my children are elementary age, they are still very young, and still need me a lot. Furthermore, one of my children has special needs. I have been so burned out and depleted that I found myself losing my patience with him, yelling at him, and being short with him. And that is just not right to me. My children are precious to me, and are my driving force behind this. I was just telling someone the other day that it is most important to me to be a mom to my children. Everything else is secondary.

    Ironically, I have been out on medical leave for some health reasons, and I must say it has been such a great feeling to be able to slow down and enjoy the simple moments of greeting my son as he walks off of the bus, or talking to my children about their day. I absolutely love it, and I feel so much better as a mom. Being a teacher…a special Ed teacher at that, stole my time away from my children. I often would get home late and so emotionallu, mentally, and physically drained that all,I had time to do was rush them through their homework, quickly get them fed, and rush to bathe them and get them into be…all for it to start all over again. Something about that feels so wrong. Several people have encouraged me to open my own some daycare, I just need to take the leap and just do it. I know I would be successful. It’s just a matter of taking that first step.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Thanks for your comment Tee, it sounds like a home daycare would be an wonderful fit for your personality and situation. I encourage you to ‘go for it!’ It’s scary at first but the quality of life it brings is unparalleled. I’m here to support you if you have any questions or concerns! Jana

  2. lpve to hear ths story… i am working on it to open my own homeDaycare.. thanks.. keep it up your good effort..

  3. I really appreciate your post! I have been in education 22 years (teaching and administration) and have lost my passion, not for my children whom I will always love, but for education due to all the bureaucracy.
    A friend of mine is a home daycare provider and loves. She has been influential in convincing me to start my own. I’m extremely nervous about it because I don’t feel it’ll sustain my standard of living. I believe I may take a huge cut in my income. What advice would you have for someone in my situation? Thanks!

    • HowToDaycare says

      Hi Shelia, I hear what you are saying. The bureaucracy of education and the limits that are put on teachers (I was a teacher and worked in both public and private schools) can be suffocating. It still brings a huge smile to my face to be FREE to teach through my own philosophy without having to be bogged down with limitations. The beauty of having a small group of kids and being your own boss is exhilarating. It really brings the fun back into teaching. Yes, you may take a cut in income, it depends on daycare rates in your area and what type of program you wish to offer your community. It also depends on how many clients you plan to take on. You don’t have to take a cut, it all depends on what you want to create in your own daycare business. This post will help you, Make sure you know how many children you are allowed to care for according to your state/province.
      My free ebook has a section on income that will help.
      When I made the leap from teaching to home daycare I made specific choices when opening my daycare to increase my revenue and create my ideal working environment. I’m here to help you create your ideal work environment. You are not alone! Read through the above posts and then email me at and we can chat. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on a bonus offer (I save my best stuff for my regular readers). Jana