Simple Snowflake Crowns

snowflake crowns

My daycare children love to wear crowns or hats.  Here is an easy craft we did to celebrate snow.  Cut out long strips for the crowns using thick construction paper. Have the children decorate the paper with crayons or markers.

Make some paper snowflakes with the children. If your group is very young, simply let them watch you cut the snowflakes and then let them unfold the paper to reveal the unique shape.  Snowflakes are fun and quick to make as long as you start with the right fold.


Cut out a perfect square of white paper.


Turn the square so that it now looks like a diamond. Fold the diamond in half to make a triangle.


Fold your triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.


Fold it in half again to make an even smaller triangle.


Turn your triangle so that the point is down with the fold on one side.  Cut the top off to form a curved shape.


Now you have an ice cream cone shape.


Cut out tiny pieces from all sides but don’t cut all the way through your ice cream cone.


Pass your ice cream cone to a young child and let them open it to discover a SNOWFLAKE!

IMG_9467-resizedHave fun making more.


Give the children some paper snowflakes and some glue.  Instruct them to spread the glue on the crown and then stick on the snowflake.  This technique works well if they are using a glue stick because the snowflakes tear easily.


Fit each crown to the child’s head size and tape together.  Let the children transform themselves into dancing snowflakes as you sing this song together.

snowflake crowns.jpg-resized

“The snow is falling all around, all around, all around.  The snow is falling all around and it doesn’t make a sound.”

I wish you lots of snowy fun!


  1. K from London ON says

    Love this idea but I just spotted my package of coffee filters (basket style not cone) at 100 filters for a dollar you can’t beat the price for daycare crafts. My first one turned out fantastic. We will be trying it as a group in a few hours.