Snowy Owl Preschool Craft

Snowy owl preschool craft.jpg

We received our first big snowfall here today!  The children played outside happily until everyone was chilly and wet.  Then it was time for a warm snack and a snow themed craft.  Rockabye Butterfly posted this art lesson recently called Ripped Paper Owl Art.  My children love her art projects because they always include a few different mediums and are straightforward enough for my preschoolers to follow.

My kids wanted to paint so we began by painting brown branches and then setting them aside to dry.


The next step was ripping up some white paper until everyone had a little pile. Everyone loves to rip paper!


We used black paper for our backgrounds.  I showed the children how to draw two circles to form an owl.  One big circle for the body and a smaller one for the head. We used white pencil crayon on the black paper for our circles.  Then they added two triangle ears.  They covered the whole body shape with glue. (Apparently art is more fun when you wear a pirate hat?)


They covered the body, head and ears with their torn pieces of paper.  I suggested they lay the white pieces on top of each other until everything was covered.


Some children wanted to bend the ends of the paper out to create a feathery look while others skipped this step.


The next step was to cut out their brown painted branches and glue them onto their pages.


I cut out eyes, feet and a beak for the children while they were ripping their white paper pieces. They glued these orange features onto their owls.


The next step was to glue their moons onto their backgrounds.


One child decided he wanted to cut out a crescent moon for his artwork.


I gave the children white crayons to draw snowflakes softly falling in the background. (or maybe a few really big snowflakes?)


What a delightful snowy craft to celebrate our first snowy day this season.


Happy Crafting!







  1. Sooooo beautiful! Great job guys! Going to share these owls on my FB and Twitter!