St.Patricks’s Day -Unique Free Printables from Rockabye Butterfly Blog


St.Patrick’s Day is around the corner and I was on the look out for some fun, educational St.Patrick’s Day printables for the children.  I’m always happy when I can find activities that appeal to my younger daycare children (ages two and three) and my older children (four and six).  Luckily, my friend at Rockabye Butterfly just released her own hand drawn printables for St. Patrick’s Day. They are so different then the regular computer generated images, I love them!  The fact that they are hand drawn makes her cute little leprechaun come to life.

The math and reading activity sheets had directions that were easy to understand and my daughter enjoyed completing them. They included recognizing colour words and spelling them.


They also involved basic addition and an alphabet dot-to-do. There level of difficulty would be appropriate for a child aged 4-6 years old.


This one taught ordinal numbers and had a hidden four leaf clover to find!


I liked how the activity sheets incorporated different learning objectives in a fun lay out.


The leprechaun activity grabbed all the kids interest.  The children were able to complete it at their own ability level and each one was happy with their finished project.  That’s one successful printable!


Happy St.Patrick’s Day!