Summer Bike Day Activities

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My daycare children and I have been having fun with a Transportation Unit this month.  We rode horses one day and took the city bus on an adventure another day.  Today was Bike Day!  I asked the parents to bring the children’s bikes and helmets in the morning.  The kids were VERY excited about riding their bikes together.  I decided to set up a few stations on the driveway to facilitate the children’s play.  We live in a court so the children had a chance to ride around in a bike parade after they had visited all the stations.  The stations only took a few minutes to set up but provided hours of play.

We had an air pump for bike tires.



A pretend gas station (the kids wanted one!).


A drive-thru snack shop.


A bike wash.


A decorating station for the bike parade.

IMG_6628 IMG_6645

A bike parking lot.


I was amazed at how many times the kids went through all the stations.


The bike wash was the most popular.  The bikes were washed again and again and again.


Many home daycare providers care for a variety of ages and this activity was enjoyable for toddlers up to school ages kids.  The baby even had a turn at the stations in the ride-on car.  The older kids pushed him over to the gas station and air pump.   Then his car received a wipe down and a shine.  He was giggling and the big kids loved being his pit crew!


Consider a bike day if you find yourself needing an easy activity for your children this summer.  A few balloons and a bucket full of soapy water can be transformed into an exciting morning!



  1. That looks like so much fun and what a great idea for summer! Thanks so much for linking up to the Pin it Party. I am I have pinned to my Kids Summer Fun board as well as the Pin it Party board. 🙂

  2. Wow! You have some great boards! Am so glad I found you.

  3. What fun! I remember hours of playing on/with my trike and then my bike when I was little.


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