Table Top Hockey Ideas

table top hockey2

I have an indoor activity that your school age children might enjoy doing this Spring Break.  It is cold here so we made two different table top rinks to play indoor hockey.  You know the weather is chilly when it’s too cold to play hockey outside! The first one we made involved real ice in a cookie sheet.


My little hockey fan wanted to draw on the red and blue lines so we tried lining the tray with a piece of wax paper on the bottom of the cookie tray.  We weighted it down with magnets and then filled it up with some water.


The wax paper kept shifting so we took it out and just froze the water.  We planned to paint on the blue lines after the water froze but never got around to it because the kids wanted to just play, play, play!


We made nets out of pipe cleaners and hockey sticks from popsicle sticks. Our first puck was a black cap from a vanilla extract bottle. It didn’t slide very well so we switched to a marble.


The kids wanted real players so they found Playmobile figures to use as hockey players.


The ice rink was a ton of fun but of course, ice melts when you bring it inside so they could only play for 20 minutes before the rink became watery.

The kids wanted to keep playing table hockey so we cleared off the coffee table. Keeping the marble from falling off the table was easy with a little bit of painter’s tape as a self sticking boarder.

He shoots, he scores!!