Three Reasons Why I LOVE free online Kid’s Yoga


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A friend of mine recommended I check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on You Tube.  We tried it out the other day and my kids are completely hooked, we LOVE it!  I’m happy to share with you my top three reasons WHY I think these videos are amazing. I’m not getting anything in exchange for this post, I just like to help out my fellow home daycare providers who might want to try yoga with their children.

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Reason #1

Kid Focused!

The videos are specifically geared for children.  They are short (approx. 20 min), engaging and fun!  The host, Jamie, takes the children on an imaginative journey that involves moving through a series of yoga poses. The graphics in the videos support the adventure (dinosaurs, mermaids, penguins).

The videos are grouped so it’s easy to find ones that appeal to younger kids (age 2-4 yrs) or older kids.  You can also choose videos according to their content (calming, confidence, positivity).

The videos are upbeat and fast moving.  They look more like a kid’s cartoon adventure, where the audience at home joins in with the actions, than a silent, serious, deep breathing kind of yoga class!

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Reason #2


I can jump on You Tube and pick whatever video my group wants to try today. You can hit the pause button if you have a potty emergency.  The younger toddlers can watch if they want, join in for two minutes or wander to the toy shelf and play.  When you have a mixed age range of children with a variety of personalities it can be difficult to find a children’s yoga class to suit everyone. We have done three different children’s yoga classes in the past and none of them fit the needs of my whole group.

The convenience of not having to drive to a community centre to attend a yoga class is huge when you have a group of children.  I love the flexibility of the program being online. When you have a spare 20 minutes you can roll out the yoga mats and be ready in no time.


Reason #3

Creating Calm.

The children don’t know that the series of yoga poses they are doing are helping to balance their emotions and create a sense of inner calmness.  The children are just copying the poses because it’s part of the pretend adventure but the poses have a powerful positive effect on elevating mood.  The children are calmer after a yoga session.

They finish the video smiling and happy.  Yoga is a great energy outlet for your children who like to move a lot.  I do the videos along with the children and I feel a positive difference in my own state of being at the end of the twenty minutes. We daycare providers can use all the inner peace we can get!

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Bonus Reason #4

It’s free.  So if you want to try yoga with your daycare group, check it out! Cosmic Kids Yoga





  1. Thanks for this blog post-I tried the dinosaur yoga with my 3 1/2 year old son yesterday and he loved it! The first thing he said/asked when he woke up this morning was whether we could do yoga again today!

    • HowToDaycare says

      Ahhh, he asked to do yoga again? Sweet boy. I’m glad you two enjoyed it, thanks for the message! Jana