Toadstool Fairy House -June Waldorf Nature Table

DIY Toadstool Cottage.jpg

The flowers we planted in our garden are blooming and so are the flower children on our Nature Table.  The flower children fairies love to dance and sing in the early summer air.  Your own children might be wondering where the flower children live?  In a toadstool cottage of course!  We’ve been learning about mushrooms as part of our planting unit.  We learned that field mushrooms often grow in a ring because their roots (called threads) under the ground branch out in a circular pattern.

If you use your imagination a ring of mushrooms could be a group of fairy houses clustered together in a tiny village. We decided to make a felt toadstool house for our June nature table this year.  Here are the instructions if you would like to make your own.


I used craft felt and cut out this shape to make the top of the house.


Fold the felt into a cone shape and sew or glue it together.


Cut out white felt circles and sew them onto the red roof.


Use the white felt again to cut out a rectangular shape.  Fold the rectangle into a cylinder shape and sew closed.


Cut out a red circle for the underside of the toadstool roof.


Sew or glue the red circle onto the white cylinder stem.  I flipped the stem upside down to make the sewing angle easier.


Attach the red roof to the red circle underside of the toadstool.  You could sew the two red edges together or use a hot glue gun.  I added a bit of stuffing in the roof to make it look full before the roof was secured on.


My daughter suggested I add a door.  I sewed on a brown piece and a black circle for the door handle.

toad stool house.jpg

Now our flower children fairies have a cozy house to live in!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us this week on the Hearts for Home blog hop- this is adorable! I’ve been looking into waldorf methods and was thrilled to see this post! Have a great weekend.

  2. So cute! My daughter is so into fairies…might have to borrow this idea 😀

  3. My daughter would love this!

    Your post will be featured on my blog on Thursday as part of the Hearts of the Home Homeschool Blog series. Congratulations!


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