Toddler Approved Mummy Craft

mummy craft

A caregiver friend sent me this craft that she found on Pinterest.  It’s originally from Allison at No Time for Flash Cards.  I decided to try it out on my daycare group because I have a few little ones who LOVE tape and post-it notes.  Green painter’s tape is a staple at my house!

You need black paper, masking tape, glue and some googly eyes.


I cut out the mummy shapes beforehand and read them a cute Halloween book with a friendly Mummy in it.  The children thought it was funny that they were making a Halloween mummy for their Mommy.

I had several children making this craft at the same time, so I stuck pieces of tape around the table at each child’s spot. Any tape that went past the outer body shape was just trimmed off or bend around and stuck to the back.


The last step was to glue on the eyes.  What a simple art activity that had all the children grinning.  That’s my kind of last minute craft!


A nice Mummy to decorate your Mommy’s fridge this Halloween!