Six Toddler Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. My little ones love to do crafts and I like finding simple crafts that my toddlers can participate in enthusiastically. I have six simple crafts for you today that will have your toddler’s heart happy!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

Gently bend the end of a toilet paper roll with your fingers to create a heart shape.  Give your kids some red and pink paint and let them stamp away.


2. Heart Finger Painting

This one is for the young toddlers. Give them a plain piece of paper and some red finger paint. Let them spread it around.

When it has dried. Cut the paper into a heart shape (you could use some craft scissors to make it look fancy) and then glue it onto a background piece of pink construction paper.


3. Paper Heart Collage

Toddlers love gluing collages. Give them some paper hearts you have cut out of paper or craft foam. Show them how to spread the glue and stick them on the paper.

If you need to help them one at a time, provide them with some crayons or markers to decorate their pages while they wait for gluing assistance.


4. Heart Sponge Prints

This one is another stamping picture using a sponge. I used a regular kitchen sponge and cut it into a heart shape.

I gave the kids some red and pink paint to make heart sponge prints.


5. Tissue Paper Hearts

I found this tissue paper with tiny hearts on it sometime in the summer and I tucked it away in my Valentine’s Day theme storage box to remind myself to use it once February rolled around. I cut out hearts in different colours of tissue paper and gave the children some white glue to smear over their pages.

Once the page was covered in glue the tissue paper stuck instantly. The hearts dried a bit wrinkled but the children were thrilled with their work.


6. Heart Shape Raccoon

This one is for the older toddlers (almost preschoolers) who are looking for a bit more. Cut out a big brown heart for the head, two black hearts for the eyes, two brown hearts for the ears and one brown heart for the nose.

You can then cut out two smaller black hearts for the inside of the ears and one for the nose. Cut out two round brown circles for the eyes.

Let the children watch as you glue an example craft together. The children find it fascinating to watch a bunch of hearts come together to make a raccoon’s face. Leave the example craft at the table so that the children can refer to it as they glue.

It doesn’t matter what the children do with their hearts or if it ends up looking like a racoon. Some children will be very  interested in this concept and want help turning their hearts into a face and others will not.

The important part is meeting each child at their own level of interest and ability and then supporting them in their creativity.


Happy Heart Day Everyone!