Transition Tip to Begin Circle Time-Video

Have you ever watched a group of young children happily skip to sit in a circle when it was time for a group activity?  Did you wonder, how did that happen so smoothly?  I put together a short video to share some of the transition tips that have worked for me in my years as a kindergarten teacher and preschool teacher.  Sometimes a few key elements are all you need to turn a scattered environment into a flowing focused event.

Watch on YouTube.

Circle Time Song:

Let’s make a circle,

A circle big and round.

For when we have a circle,

No ending can be found.


Do you have a song that works magic at your house?  Please share it with us!


  1. Great tips! I always loved circle time as a preschool teacher, and it’s so true that it’s simple when the children are well prepared and have a consistent routine.

  2. Great idea, I’ll defiantly try this when I teach in a day care.

  3. Oh goodness, I love it but I had to watch it because I couldn’t figure out how “wide” and “found” rhymed. lol. It’s round…got it!
    I love the wind chime idea. I try hand claps, but that gets annoying and doesn’t break through the ‘din’ as much.

    • HowToDaycare says

      Kathleen, thank you so much for catching my typo! I didn’t even realize I wrote ‘wide’. Busy days + late night blogging = one tired care provider 🙂

  4. Our “hoppy helper” of the day rings our bell to alert kids to circle time. We stop,look and listen to hear the message. Most kids come right away, others need a personal invite! We sing
    Come on over , come on over, come on over to the rug, find a seat, find a seat , find a seat on the rug (tune of oh my darlin’)

    I love the wind chime idea too, sound soothing.

  5. DeAnn Jones says

    Awesome! Where did you get your train whistle? I went to Amazon to search for one and found that most of them don’t sound as deep as yours.