Try this NEW ROCKET Balloon Game!


new rocket balloon game

Every child loves batting a balloon in the air but how about putting a new twist on this classic children’s activity?

Show your daycare group how to lie on their backs and hold their feet in the air.  We are going to pretend their feet and hands are rocket launchers.  The balloon is the rocket.


Have the children hold their balloons on their rocket launcher feet as you sing this song.

“Zoom, zoom, zoom,

We’re going to the moon.

If you want to take a trip,

Climb aboard my rocket ship.

Zoom, zoom, zoom,

We’re going to the moon.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1–



At the words, “Blast Off” the children push their balloons into the air with their hands or feet (whichever is easiest for their age).

Challenge the children to try to keep everyone’s balloon off the ground as long as possible by batting the balloons with their feet!  My group enjoys trying to have their balloons touch the wall or the ceiling.

This is a fun cooperative activity that is perfect for a mixed-age group of kids.

It also happens to be a great exercise for your core muscles.  I invite you to grab a balloon and give it a try!