Two Draw and Tell Videos (Bunny and Birthday Cake)

I have two more Draw and Tell stories for your home daycare today.  If you aren’t sure what Draw and Tell stories are all about, read my last week’s post here for more information.

This story is about a child’s special stuffy toy bunny.  I explain in the video how creating your own stories for your daycare children is one clear way to make them feel nurtured when they need their emotional love cup filled. The words to the story and an image explaining the sequence of lines is included below for your use. I never seem to tell the story exactly the same every time but I wrote down the major events that are important for the picture to form a bunny shape in the end.


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One day we decided to go to the park.  (1) Everyone got their shoes on, went out the door and down the street. (2) Oh no, we came upon a parked car so we went around it.  (3) We walked some more and oh no, came upon (4) another parked car. (5) We walked around the second parked car and down the street until finally we reached the park. Yay, the kids were so excited.

The first thing Billy and Robert liked to do was to slide down the slide. (6) Whoosh, (7) whoosh, both boys went down the slide. The next thing that Cindy, Arianna, and Evan like to do is run for the tire swing. (8) The tire swing is great because it fits three children.  (9) It swings back and forth and back and forth. (10) Then it was Suzy, Tommy and Tim’s turn on the tire swing. They swung, back and forth and back and forth.

(11) When they were done, the kids piled off the swing and left it empty for the other friends who happen to be at the park that day.  The last activity the children love to play involve these (12) two big rocks at the edge of the park by the forest.  (13) The kids jump from rock to rock to a third rock which is an (14) unusual shape. Right beside the unusual shaped rock there is a (15) bush.  The great thing about this bush is it always has long sticks under it. The children choose a stick and pretend they are fishing poles.

They all stand on the rock and imagine they are casting their fishing rods out into the pretend lake. (16)  Three children cast their fishing rods out in one direction and the other (17) three cast their rods out in the opposite direction.  Once this last game has been played, the children walk home.  They walk down the street, around the first parked car, around the second parked car, and all the way home. Now we are home and who is waiting for us in the playroom?  Jingle Bunny!




This story is called, “Birthday Cake Draw and Tell” by Linda Meuse at Notes from the Story Room blog. It’s a wonderful simple story to tell at circle time if one of your daycare children is celebrating a birthday.

Birthday cake

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Happy Story Telling Everyone!


  1. ha ha, I love the bunny story. Brilliant way of entertaining the kids

  2. Love these stories! Children always enjoy Draw and Tell stories. Thanks so much for sharing.