Two Simple Nature Games

Two simple nature games.jpg

We love to walk in the woods and play at our local park.  Whenever you go out with a group of children there are times when you find yourself waiting.  Some children find it effortless to wait for their friends while other children find it challenging to wait.  Here are two simple games you can play if you have five minutes to fill and an inpatient child.

The materials are simple.  You need five  rocks, five leaves and four sticks.



We made a game board using sticks.  One player was rocks and the other player was leaves.  This game is great for children aged 4 and older.


This game is good for younger children.  Make a square shape with the four sticks.  Stand back a few steps and take turns trying to toss your rock into the square.  Older children can stand farther away from the target to make it more difficult.


The older kids like to play that the first person to hit the target wins.  The younger children prefer a cooperative version where the game is won once everyone gets their rock into the target.

Keep these simple games in mind the next time you need to keep a few children busy outdoors.