Valentine’s Day Activities

valentine's day activitesMy daycare children love Valentine’s Day.  A special day all about showing the people we care about how much we love and appreciate them.  In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day I like to do some themed based activities.  Here are a few simple learning activities you can do in your home daycare as well as an easy painting activity that focuses on the colours red and pink.

IMG_2544-resizedThese felt hearts are easy to make and they will last you for years to come. Find a stencil to trace and then cut out your numbers from one colour of felt.  Choose a high quality stiff felt for the red hearts and use a hot glue gun to glue the numbers on.

The first activity we did with the heart numbers was to order them from zero to nine.  Then we drove cars along the heart highway as we practiced counting up and then back down.

IMG_2545-resizedThe next activity involved measuring each child to see how many hearts tall they were.  Each kid enjoyed lying down beside the hearts and the group counted up together.  Thank goodness our tallest child didn’t measure over nine hearts!

IMG_2552-resizedThe felt numbers are very soft and I turned our next game into a tactile printing exercise.  The children traced each number with their finger as they said the number word aloud.

IMG_2550-resizedMost children really enjoy opening and closing clothespins.  It’s a great workout for their finger muscles and it’s fun.  The kids worked together to count out the proper amount of clothespins and attach them onto each number heart.

Make sure you have enough clothespins for the whole activity.  We didn’t have enough, so we discussed the possible options and decided to ‘borrow’ a few from the earlier numbers once we got up to numbers eight and nine. I always like to hear the possible solutions the kids come up with on their own!

IMG_2553-resizedPutting the clothespins away was an activity for our gross motor skills. The children unclipped each clothespin and then tried to toss it into the basket.

IMG_2557-resizedLater in the day we sat down to do some painting with red and pink.  I gave the children some wine corks for stamping and sponges I cut into heart shapes.

IMG_2580-resizedWe practiced the colour names Red and Pink for our toddler. The kids decided themselves how they wanted to cover their papers with the materials provided.

IMG_2581-resizedI mixed the pink colour as the children watched and they loved seeing a new colour appear from white and red.  It was so much fun that I ended up mixing two different shades of pink for them to use in their paintings.

IMG_2583-resizedSometimes toddler’s paintings turn out very pleasing to the eye and sometimes they end up a little heavy on the paint. Here are a few ideas to help transform a toddler’s painting into a Valentine’s Day themed masterpiece without altering the piece.

IMG_2599-resizedCut out a heart shaped border and have your toddler glue their painting behind it. I have the child tell me what they want me to write to their parent on the front of the card and record it word for word.  It ends up being a nice little Valentine’s Day card.

IMG_2609-resizedThis child wanted to glue their painting onto a white background.  I cut the painting into a heart first and gave them a second paper heart to glue on as well. We also wrote a message to their parent.

IMG_2610-resizedA few simple ideas to get your daycare group ready for Valentine’s Day.  Happy Heart Day!



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