Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Necklace

Learn how to make a simple felt heart necklace for Valentine’s Day. This sewing project is appropriate for a child around five or six years old. You could make this gift to give to a friend as a special Valentine or wear it yourself for a Valentine’s Day party.



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Craft Felt

Embroidery Thread


Embroidery Needle


Paper Heart pattern



Cut out a paper heart to the size you wish. Cut out two squares of felt and stack them under your paper heart pattern. You can pin the paper heart to the felt or use a pen to trace the pattern onto the felt.


Cut out the two felt hearts and stack them onto one another.


Cut an arms length of embroidery thread and thread your needle. Knot your thread and start your first stitch at the very top of the heart.

You can sew the heart using a basic in and out stitch (straight stitch) or sew using a whip stitch. The whip stitch goes up through the fabric, pull it tight and then up through the fabric again.

The whip stitch is the easiest stitch to use for a beginner. A blanket stitch is a nice stitch to use for this project because it creates a finished edge to hide the stuffing.


The blanket stitch starts by pulling the needle up through the felt. Pull the thread through until a small loop is showing.


Guide your needle up through the loop from the back of the heart.


Pull the thread all the way through the loop. If you pull the last bit of thread tight in a downwards motion it will form a solid knot.


Continue sewing around the heart until you reach the opposite side. Stop before you reach the top because you need to add stuffing. Push some stuffing into your heart until you achieve the size you want.


Finish sewing all the way to the top of your heart. Tie a knot to secure your stitches.

If you have a long enough length of thread left on your needle, form a long loop to hang the heart around your neck. Knot the thread at the top of the heart to anchor your necklace.


If you don’t have enough thread left on your needle, tie a knot and cut the excess off. Measure a new piece of thread at the length you want and attach it to the top of your heart to form a loop. Try on your new necklace!


Here is another idea if you don’t want to wear your heart necklace. Sew a few hearts and make a Valentine’s Day mobile.


Happy Heart Day!


  1. Very sweet idea for a crafty kid and different from the typical valentine! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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