Waldorf Seed Pod Babies Craft


These seed babies have been asleep in their milk weed pods for the cold months. These adorable little babies are easy and quick to make for your nature table. We collected milkweed pods and acorns in the fall in preparation for making this craft in March. The weather can be very cold at the beginning of March and then turn warm by the end of March. When the weather first begins to turn warm the children often want to discard their heavy coats and hats prematurely. I like to tell a story about the seed babies staying covered up snugly until the weather is warm enough to awaken.


Any size of milkweed pods will work.


Choose whole acorns with the seed and top attached. The seed will be the face and the top will be the baby’s hat.


Cut out a small oval shape at the top of the pod so that the acorn will fit easily inside.


Use a hot glue gun to secure the acorn seed at the top of the milkweed pod.


Choose some wool roving felt in a few colours to make the babies bodies.


Use a felting needle on a foam board to shape your wool roving into a swaddled baby shape.


Glue the wool roving into the milkweed pod right under the acorn seed head.


You now have a seed baby snuggled down warm in their milkweed pod cradle!

These babies are a beautiful addition for your nature table when you tell a story about Mother Nature keeping her babies warm and snug until Lady Spring sweeps in the warm weather. May the magic of these babies create a sense of wonder for your young children.