Want Your Kids to Play Happily for Hours? Try this Simple 3 Step Technique!

want kids to play happily for hours

A recurring question that I get from my readers is: “How do you get the kids to play happily for long stretches of time?”  There are a couple of key steps to help children play independently for extended periods of time.

Step One is to have open ended toys or objects available to the children.

Today I will show you 10 toys/objects/materials that my current daycare group have been playing with for the last few months.  I use the term ‘loose parts’ to describe any type of material or object that can be used in a variety of ways in a child’s imaginative play.

Watch the video to learn about Step One!

Interested in the loose parts play concept? Want your kids to play long enough to give you time to clean up after lunch?

Gather three sets of loose parts materials this week and then check back in with me next week for Step Two!

If you would like more information on the loose parts toys I showed in the video, here are the links.

Foam Blocks

Wooden Lacing Kit

Busy Bugs Set

Colourful Beads


River Stones

Wood Slices

Crokinole Discs

Large Wooden Ramp Pieces (This link is to an excellent ready made set, I found my pieces at a garage sale and sanded them down).

Step two will focus on how to inspire children to play independently with loose parts materials.  Ready?  You have one week to gather THREE sets of loose parts materials.

Happy Hunting!