Wet Felted Acorns -Tree Ornaments Made by Three Year Olds!



It’s getting close to Christmas and my daycare children have been working like little elves making their gifts for their parents. This year we decided to make Christmas tree ornaments.

Parents love to have keepsakes from their little ones and my daycare group love to craft! We will be making wet felted acorns today.

This is a great beginner project if you have never wet felted before because the acorns are small and quick to make. The part of wet felting my three year olds enjoy the most is rolling the soapy felt in their hands.

We collected acorns in the fall and have been waiting to do something with the acorn caps. Acorn caps also make lovely gnome hats but that’s a different project…

Wet Felted Acorns

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You will need:

Wool Roving

Acorn caps

Dish soap

Warm water

Hot Glue Gun

Embroidery Floss



The children picked the color they liked best for their acorn from our collection of roving wool.


1. Gently pull off a small section of wool. The larger the piece, the larger the finished acorn. Remember it needs to fit inside your acorn cap.


2. Roll the wool into a loose ball and then dunk it in warm water. Add a squirt of dish soap to the wool ball and start gently rolling it in your hands.


3. Your felt ball will get really soapy.  Keep rolling it in your hands and squishing it between your fingers. Add more warm water and soap every few minutes.

You need to work the wool with the soap and water until the wool fibers start to bind together.


The size of the ball will be greatly reduced as the wool starts to firm up. Don’t worry if you have visible cracks in your wool ball where the sections of fibers have knit together.


4. Pull off a new thin piece of wool roving from your bag of wool and gently stick it over the crack. Add more warm water and soap and gently roll the new Band-Aid of wool around and around in your hands until it adheres to the soapy wool ball.


5. Once the wool ball starts to become firm, gently squish the ball into an egg shape. This will make the finished product look more like an acorn because acorns have a point at the bottom.


6. Rinse your soapy wool ball under the tap until the water runs clean. Put it on a towel to dry over night or for several hours.


7. Repeat the steps to make as many wool acorns as you wish.


8. Your wool acorns are ready to be glued when they feel dry to the touch. Match up the different sizes of your wool acorns you made to the appropriate sizes of acorn caps you have collected.


9. Use a hot glue gun to glue the acorn cap onto the wool acorn.


10. Tie a piece of brown embroidery thread around the stem of the acorn cap and then put a dab of glue on the thread to secure it.


We hung our finished acorns on a little branch in a vase to admire our hard work. Our acorn tree decorated our table for a week.


These adorable ornaments will look lovely on a Christmas tree. They would also be cute to add to a wrapped gift beside the bow.

Grandma will be impressed with what three year old hands can create!


May your tree shine with many beautiful hand made ornaments and magical memories this holiday season.


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