Who Made That Sound? Circle Time Game

who made that sound video

Need an easy game to play at circle time this week?  This game is a great way to practice listening skills. It’s also a good one to take with you to the park or into the back yard on a beautiful day.  The only materials you need are a blindfold and a musical instrument.

If you don’t have the instruments shown in the video below you can always improvise. I’ve used a sun hat pulled low over the eyes in place of a blindfold and two stones banged together as an instrument. One day, I sent the kids out into the park looking to find their own instruments before we played this game.  One child ran a stick up and down a pine cone to make a neat sound, while another used two sticks tapped together to produce a sound.  A different child discovered the soft sound of sand falling through their fingers. It just goes to show you that children are often more creative than adults.


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