Witch Felt Board Stories -2 Videos

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Here are two of my favourite felt board stories to tell my daycare children as Halloween approaches.  Both of these stories have been told to me from other daycare providers.  I made the felt pieces at a caregiver workshop but when I looked back in my notes, I didn’t have the original authors of these two great stories.  I searched the web and I believe I have found them.

The Boo-Hoo Witch story is from a book that is now out of print.  You can buy the book here on Amazon.  The author is Janet A. Craig and the illustrator is Pat Schories.  It is a sweet story and my daycare children have always enjoyed it.  You can use clip art or draw your own shapes to make your own felt pieces to go with this story.

The main story line is that there is a witch who is always crying because she doesn’t have a home of her own.  She meets an owl, a bat, a frog and a finally a cat.  The animals offer her their homes but each home is not quite right.  The owl’s tree is too high, the bat’s cave is too dark, the frog’s pond is too wet but the cat’s house is just right.  The Boo-Hoo witch finds the house to be perfect and never says boo-hoo again, only BOO!

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Olivia the Witch story is actually called “Hats Off For Olivia”.  The author is named Ruth and she is a home daycare provider.  She offers a free printable template of her story from her website.  You can click on this link to read the words to the story and get the felt board stencils.  I love how she has written the whole script in rhyme.

My version of the story includes Olivia throwing the colour items into her cauldron and then stirring the brew.  At this point in the story, I have all the children (with wooden spoons) stir their imaginary cauldrons around and around while they say, “Stirring and stirring and stirring the brew, ewwwwwwwwwwww”.  My little ones love this audience participation!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!


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