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Being informed creates a feeling of security.  My daycare parents love receiving a newsletter at the beginning of every month.  The newsletter is one way they feel connected to their child’s daycare days.  Many of my daycare children are very young and therefore do not have extensive vocabularies.

They will attempt to tell their parents a story about their daycare adventures but it often comes out in pieces.  When the parent knows what activities are happening each day, they have a better chance of figuring out the whole story.  Retelling an exciting experience to their parents is a powerful tool to build confidence and a strong sense of self in a young child.  A monthly newsletter helps parents frame each story within a given context.

The newsletter also gives parents a chance to talk to their child about an upcoming event.  They can anticipate it together and share in the wonder of a field trip. Having a daycare topic to discuss is very helpful to initiate conversations with children.

Young children have a difficult time answering the question, “What did you do today at daycare?” because it is too broad of a question for them.  However, “What animals did you see at the petting farm today?” is a manageable question for a preschooler to answer.

Using a template for your newsletter will save you time.  Your template will answer the questions that are most relevant for your daycare parents.

This year my daycare parents were interested in knowing about our academic learning themes.  They expressed a desire to support the early learning topics at home.  Therefore, each month I highlight the areas of learning the children will be engaged in. I also include a calendar that outlines the activities for the month. My newsletter includes a song we will be singing repeatedly that month.  The parents love to chime in and sing along when their child sings for them at home.

I try to keep my newsletter to one page.  Short but informative!  Your newsletter will reflect the ages of children you have in your care and the interests of your families.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

You could include:

-Daycare highlights of the month (outings, crafts, creative play, etc)

-Lunch/snack recipes that everyone enjoyed

-Upcoming family community events

-Request sections  (reminders about bringing sunscreen or hats)

-Policy Review (state your sick day policy or late pick-up policy)

-Cute comments that children said in the last month

-Celebrate Wall- post recent achievements (ie. Lisa can put on her own coat now!)

-Craft Materials request (please save yogurt containers for next month)

-Milestone Checklists -give general milestones for each developmental phase so parents know what is coming up next for their child

-Share relevant articles or helpful parenting tips

-Outline planned activities for the upcoming month


 Template Example:

Sunshine Home Daycare  – May 2013

General Overview of Upcoming Month:

Example;  Spring is finally here! We plan to spend more time outside going to the park and taking some nature walks to see the buds on the trees.  The children will be planting some vegetable seeds and tending to their little garden.  Hopefully, we can enjoy cucumbers and cherry tomatoes come summer time.


Theme this month– Ex; Spring Planting

Explain what children will be learning, books to be read, crafts explored, etc.


Early Learning– talk about the activities the children will be covering including the letters/numbers/colours/etc, that will be highlighted.

Letters of the month–  P  (for plants)  and S (for spring)

Colours of the month – Yellow and Green           Number of the Month– 9


Field Trips– list dates, destination, and details children need to know.  Include items needed and cost if any.


Songs:  example for planting unit

Plants the Seeds (Tune “Farmer in the Dell”)

The gardener plants the seeds.

The gardener plants the seeds.

High ho the derry oh,

The gardener plants the seeds.

Second Verse: The rain falls on the ground.

Third Verse: The sun shines bright and warm.

Fourth Verse: The seeds begin to grow.

Fifth Verse: Flowers grow everywhere. 



Please share what your daycare parents love to read about from your newsletter!


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    Great help as always !!!

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