Quick Tip to Save Your Summer Outing

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Today we went to the library and on our way back to the van, one of my daycare children fell in the mud.  Not just a little mud on her boots, she fell 100% in a mud puddle.  COVERED in mud.

Thank goodness we were on our way home and I had some extra clothes in the van.  It could have easily been a disappointing trip out for the rest of the children if it had happened earlier and we had to turn around and go home to change.

As home daycare providers we all understand the effort it takes to organize and mobilize a group of small children.  A simple trip to the library can feel like a huge endeavor.   That is why I would have been disappointed as well if we had to miss the outing because of a muddy accident.

You have heard of having an emergency supply kit for a natural disaster? Well, my tip today is for all daycare providers to have their own ‘emergency supply kit’.

I have one in my van, one in my stroller and a small one in my bag.  My daycare emergency supply kit in the van contains;

-two sizes of old extra clothes, a big kid set and a little kid set.  They would do in a pinch.

-extra diapers and pull ups.




-hand sanitizer

-a clean plastic bag (for the soiled clothes)

-a towel

-a bottle of water

-a few granola bars

-a small toy

This kit came in handy today and last summer when a child vomited in the van on the way to a playgroup outing.  I need to also add an extra shirt for ME.  The vomit incident tipped me off to that little missing piece in my emergency supply kit!

May your outings be full of smiles and laughter!







  1. I love your ideas for an emergency supply kit! I pinned your post to my Summer Fun Pinterest Board at http://pinterest.com/debchitwood/summer-fun/

  2. Good tip! I need to assemble one of these for the car. Hopping over from the Monday Pin It Party! Glad to have found this post! Take care.

  3. Neat tips, I should really make one to take out with me – far more practical than me shoving items into a bag and then realizing I have forgotten loads!
    Popping over from the Parenting Pin It Party, now following you on Pinterest – I’m pinterest.com/loveallblogs on there!

  4. Great tips!
    Popping over from parenting pin it party
    I will pin and follow


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